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Top 8 Crucial Aspects That You Must Know Regarding Paxlovid(Paxista)!

The most recent COVID-19 therapy drug, Paxlovid, has been widely reported on. This medicine was already been granted emergency use authorization by the FDA This medication has been approved for any patient who is 12 years older and weighs at least 88 pounds & also been a high risk of severe disease.

This an oral antiviral medication that will take at home to assist keep high-risk patients from getting so that will requires to hospitalized. Therefore, if any patient tested positive for COVID-19 & you are eligible to take the medicine. However, you can take the medication at home and it will lower the overall risk of going to the hospital.

This drug, which created by Pfizer, has a number of pros. This medication has an 89% reduction in hospitalization risk and lowers the death rate among those who have not had vaccinations. This is an efficacious oral antiviral pill for viruses that depicts clear advantages because it will prevent death and hospitalization in people who are at higher risk.

Paxlovid has made up of two crucial generic medications that are nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. This medication has considered an improvement over the treatments such as remdesivir.


Choose A Right Time To Take Paxlovid(Paxista)

Covid19 patients should take Paxlovid(paxista) within 5 days of developing the symptoms. Like all the antiviral medications, Paxlovid works really best early in the course of illness.

If any patient ill with the virus for more than a week then damage that has done to body in the severe case that will never  undone by the antiviral.

Covid19 patient must take the tree Paxlovid pills twice daily for almost 5 days for a full course that will adds up to 30 pills. This assist that medicines packaged in the dose cards that basically a medication blister pack which enable you to punch out the medications as needed.

Two Medications Are Accessible

Paxlovid(paxista) is being similar to Tamiflu. Tamiflu is good antiviral medication which reduces the symptoms of flu. Tamiflu must taken a twice a day for 5 days and it should initiated with 48 hours of flu onset. There also differences between Tamiflu and Paxlovid.

When a patient is taking the Paxlovid then it will prevent the death & hospitalization. However, influenza causing the fewer severe cases and clinical trials are also focusing on whether Tamiflu will be shortening the length of flu illness that it did.

Right Antiviral Therapy

Buy Paxlovid has a considerably better effect than similar drugs, however, it is an antiviral treatment that combines two different drugs. Whenever you are taking a three-pill dose then two of those pills will surely be nirmatrelvir that is inhibiting a key enzyme that Covid virus needs to make the functional virus particles.

When a patient is taking the Nirmatrelvir treatment, then the COVID virus is also released from the cells that aren’t longer able to enter into the uninfected cells into the body that in turn stops infection.

The other one is Ritonavir which is the medication that is used to treat AIDS/HIV but this is now being used to boost the level of antiviral medicines. As the treatment off COVID-19, ritonavir crucially shuts down the metabolism of nirmatrelvir in liver so that it will never move out of your body as quickly. This means it will work little bit longer and will also giving it a little boost that will assist to fight with infection.

Another Alternative Treatment :-

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Get The Prescription Of Paxlovid(Paxista)

  • The FDA authorized Paxlovid for Sale the people ages 12 & older who weight almost 88 pounds. To qualify for the prescription of Paxlovid then you must have had a positive test result of COVID-19 and also be at higher risk for developing the severe COVID-19. That means, you must have various underlying conditions including diabetes, cancer, obesity or other or you must be 65 or older.
  • Approximately 81% of the COVID-19 deaths occur in this particular group.
  • The FDA approved the Paxlovid in December and staggering number of the folks were infected with the Omicron & also required for care skyrocketed, leading to the issues of supply.
  • If any patient is on breastfeeding or pregnant then FDA has already been recommends the discussing your specific and options situation with your health care provider, since there will be no experience using the medicine in these populations.
  • If you could become pregnant then it recommended that you must use the effective barrier contraception or don’t have any kind of sexual activity while taking this Medicine.
  • Every COVID19 patient must be bear in the mind that healthcare providers will also be write the prescriptions.
  • Pharmacists are also providing the Paxista with various limitations. If they have already opted to do so then you can also share the printed or electronic medical records including a list of the medications you are already been taking & you can also showing the test results of blood from last 12 months.


Exceptionally Well Medication

When a COVID patient is taking the Paxista then it will easily reduce almost 89% chances to develop severe illness & death if you are comparing to the trial participants who are receiving a placebo.

Pfizer also being launched the clinical trial in the March to study the efficacy and safety of Paxlovid(paxista) in the kids & teenagers that ages 6 to 17 who have already symptoms & tested positive for virus & who aren’t hospitalized nor at risk for the severe disease also.

This Medicine has also authorized for the used in teenagers and adolescents ages 12 and up and weighing at least 88 pounds.  This medication approved for a specific age group that was not tested in the clinical trial original however many kids were reach 88 pounds considered to be an adult weight which FDA has already  allowed the extensions of EUAs for the medications like as monoclonal antibodies & remdesivir in the younger age groups.

All things based on the pharmacokinetics of medicines in Paxista. The differences in the excretion and metabolism, liver & kidney function specifically of these medicines in this age group are being thought to be completely similar to that of adults.

Works Against Omicron

The clinical trial of Paxlovid before Omicron & later subvariants such as BA.5 became predominant but BA.5 also became predominant but Pfizer also claims that this drug working against the highly contagious variant.

Most patients who taking the Paxista must not experience the side effects. medication very well tolerated. But people never be stop taking the Paxlovid & also call a health care provider right away if they areexperiencing any kind of following signs of allergic reaction such as breathing, trouble swallowing, hives, throat tightness and others.

Effects With Other Medications

There also a longer list of the medications of Paxlovid that interacting with and in few cases doctors will never prescribe the Paxista because these interactions will cause the serious complications. Paxlovid can decrease the overall metabolism of blood thinners or anticoagulants that several older adults already depend on.

This medication also interacting with the cholesterol lowering medications such as Lipitor but it less complicated for the patients to overcome. In case you  avoiding taking the Lipitor for 5 days then nothing will be bad is going to happen.

Rebound Effect Of  Paxlovid (Paxista)

In those important cases, few have already tested positive again but no have symptoms and others also have the recurrence of symptoms.

Pfizer had claim that in the latest trials of Paxista, a lot of participants already a rebound in a levels of virus and this also occurred in few people who already given a placebo. Scientists already studying the Paxlovid rebound.

Final Words

The CDC claims rebound will never mean a person who already resistant to This nor does it mean they  already reinfected with COVID19 virus. However, if any patient isn’t eligible for Paxlovid then you must talk to the doctor because who will give you a best approach that will solve the issue.


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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Nirmatrelvir 150mg/Ritonavir 100mg


treating COVID-19


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